ECT at SETAC Europe 21st Annual Meeting in Milan, from 15-19 May 2011


A. Coors is chairing the session ‘Combined effects of climate changes, biological invasions and pollution’

J. Römbke is chairing the session ‘Assessments of the effects of veterinary drugs on dung and soil organisms’

J. Römbke is chairing the Annual Meeting of the SETAC-Europe Advisory Group DOTTS

J. Römbke is co-chairing the Annual Meeting of the SETAC-World Advisory Group Soil (SAG)


A. Coors, J. Dobrick, M. Möder, A. Kehrer: The fish embryo toxicity (FET) test as a screening method to support a component-based risk assessment of biocidal products

C. R. Marques, A. Mistiri, C. Rodrigues, C. Santos, J. Pinheiro, S. Bouguerra, I. Lopes, B. Santos, G. Pinto, A. Haddioui, M. Ksibi, F. Gonçalves, N. Gomes, S. Mendo, J. Römbke, P. Sousa, and R. Pereira: Towards the phytoremediation of mining explorations – a NATO SfP project

S. Pieper, J. P. Sousa, S. Jänsch, J. Römbke: New strategies in the risk assessment of plant protection products in soils

M. Liebig, C. Floeter, T. Hahn, W. Koch, A. Wenzel: Development of realistic and effective risk mitigation measures within authorisation of human and veterinary pharmaceuticals.

P. Sousa, J. Römbke, O. Mosbach Schulz, C. Gardi, J. Filser, E. Capri, R. Luttik, K. Nienstedt, A. Schaeffer: Defining soil ecological exposure scenarios for pesticide risk assessment in the EU: an ecoregion approach

M. Weil, L. Vorberg, J. Rooch, N. Klüver, S. Scholz, L. Yang, J. Legradi, U. Straehle, F. Sacher, K. Duis: Further development of a gene expression fish embryo test as a potential alternative to the fish early life stage test