Sediment Organisms

ECT’s portfolio of sediment tests includes several standard sediment organisms. All tests are offered according to GLP in compliance with OECD, EPA and ISO guidelines. If required by specific scientific or regulatory needs, additional custom-designed studies can be developed and performed, e.g. by including alternative test species or modified exposure scenarios.

Aquatic InsectsGuideline
Sediment-Water Chironomid Toxicity Test Using Spiked SedimentOECD 218 (2004)
Sediment-Water Chironomid Toxicity Test Using Spiked WaterOECD 219 (2004)
Sediment-Water Chironomid Life-Cycle Toxicity Test Using Spiked Water or Spiked SedimentOECD 233 (2010)

Aquatic OligochaetesGuideline
Sediment-Water Lumbriculus Toxicity Test Using Spiked SedimentOECD 225 (2007)
Sediment Toxicity Test with Tubifex tubifexASTM E1706

Aquatic CrustaceansGuideline
Hyalella azteca, Sediment Toxicity (28 Days)based on OECD 225 (2007) and ASTM E1706

Physical / Chemical Characterisation of Sediment 
• pH
• Texture
• Organic content
• Organic carbon content
• Maximum water capacity
• Cation exchange capacity (according to Mehlich)
• Nitrogen content
• Carbonate content

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