Since 1994, ECT has been conducting a broad range of ecotoxicological tests at the laboratory, semi-field and field scale in compliance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and according to international test guidelines. We are particularly experienced in adapting studies to special requirements as demanded by scientific or regulatory needs.

In addition to the standard test species recommended in the guidelines, we have extensive experience with testing other species to support species-sensitivity distributions. For the aquatic environment, this includes various species of the genus Lemna as well as different freshwater crustaceans, cyanobacteria and green algae. For the terrestrial compartment, different earthworm, enchytraeid, springtail and plant species are available for testing.

Our testing activities in the field of effect, fate and bioaccumulation include the main environmental compartments water, sediment, sewage sludge and soil. The laboratory space covers about 900 m² and includes an isotope laboratory.

Analytical verification of test substance concentration, which is often required according to standard guidelines, is usually conducted by partners of ECT. Communication lines and GLP monitoring procedures are well established with these long-term partners and ensure a smooth execution of the complete study.

Tests that are not covered by our current portfolio can be subcontracted to our partners and monitored by ECT.

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