Environmental Fate

ECT offers to manage a range of environmental fate tests in the context of study packages. These tests are subcontracted to established and experienced partners to be performed under GLP and in compliance with the relevant guidelines. Adapted test designs can be developed in response to specific scientific or regulatory interest. Tests are conducted with radio-labelled and non-labelled test substances. For bioaccumulation and bioconcentration studies see here.

Ready BiodegradabilityGuideline
DOC Die-Away TestOECD 301 A (1992)
CO2-Evolution Test (Modified Sturm Test)OECD 301 B (1992)
Closed Bottle TestOECD 301 D (1992)
Modified OECD Screening Test (MOST)OECD 301 E (1992)
Manometric Respirometry TestOECD 301 F (1992)
CO2-Headspace TestOECD 310 (2014)

Inherent BiodegradabilityGuideline
Zahn-Wellens-/EMPA-TestOECD 302 B (1992)

Anaerobic BiodegradabilityGuideline
Anaerobic Biodegradation in Digested SludgeOECD 311 (2006)

Simulation TestsGuideline
Aerobic Sewage Treatment – Activated Sludge Units (Coupled Units Test)OECD 303 A (2001)
Biodegradation in Activated SludgeOECD 314 B (2008)
Aerobic and Anaerobic Transformation in SoilOECD 307 (2002)
Aerobic and Anaerobic Transformation in Aquatic Sediment SystemsOECD 308 (2002)
Aerobic Mineralisation in Surface Water (Pelagic Test or Suspended Sediment Test)OECD 309 (2004)

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