ECT’s expert team for services around biocidal products is experienced in preparing and reviewing dossier documents according to the Biocidal Products Directive (BPD, 98/8/EC) such as documents I-IV as well as the IUCLID datasets of various product types (PT). We are familiar with the new Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR, Regulation (EU) 528/2012) and closely follow any updates of the relevant documents and guidance.

We have specialised in the areas of ecotoxicology, chemical fate and behaviour, and physico-chemical properties. Our expertise includes exposure and risk assessments by using appropriate Emission Scenario Documents (ESD), the Technical Guidance Document (TGD), the Technical Notes for Guidance (TNsG) and tools such as the European Union System for the Evaluation of Substances (EUSES).

In order to provide our customers with complete dossiers and registration services, ECT closely works together with experienced long-term partners in a formal cooperation called RegisGate. More information about RegisGate and the offered services can be found at

ECT supports your company during the complete biocide registration process by providing the following services:

  • Identification of the product type and specific information requirements
  • Data mining, data gap analysis and literature search
  • Data management, evaluation and reporting with IUCLID 6
  • Placing, performing and monitoring of required studies according to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)
  • Specifying exposure scenarios and conducting the environmental risk assessment
  • Dossier preparation
  • Assessment of substances of very high concern (SVHC): CMR, PBT, vPvB, endocrine disruptors, and equivalent level of concern
  • Classification, Packaging & Labelling (CLP) according to the Globally Harmonised System (GHS) and EU requirements
  • Communication with the competent authority (pre- and post submission)
  • Project coordination and communication with all participants
  • Submission of the dossier documents to the competent authorities

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