GBIF Information System Soil Zoology. Coordination of national and international assessment for the organism groups Lumbricidae and Enchytraeidae (Edaphobase II)

In this joint research project, ECT is responsible for the improvement of existing and the development of new methodological standards regarding collection, storage and usage of data in the German central data base on soil biology, Edaphobase. Besides taxonomy and biogeography the functional role of soil organisms (e.g. via gathering traits of at least the most important groups) are covered. These standards will be presented to the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) in order to create a common basis for handling soil biodiversity. In this context, a close cooperation with comparable approaches (e.g. in The Netherlands or France) as well as with the Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative (GSBI) is crucial. In addition, the compilation and evaluation of information on the taxonomy, ecology and biogeography of Oligochaeta (Lumbricidae and Enchytraeidae) is continued, starting with the data already collected in the previous project Edaphobase I.

The public portal of Edaphobase is available at:

Further information can be found in the following publication:

Toschki, A., Burkhardt, U., Haase, H., Höfer, H., Jänsch, S., Oellers, J., Römbke, J., Roß-Nickoll, M., Salamon, J.A., Schmelz, R.M., Scholz-Starke, B., Russell, D. (2021). Die Edaphobase-Länderstudien. Synökologische Untersuchungen von Bodenorganismen in einem Biotop- und Standortgradienten in Deutschland 2014-2018. Peckiana 14, 1-367. [read more]