ECT at the 6th SETAC World Congress 2012 / SETAC Europe 22nd Annual Meeting (Berlin, 22 – 24 May 2012)


J. Römbke is co-chairing the session ‘Soil Ecotoxicology’.

J. Römbke is co-chairing the special session ‘Integrating different tools for assessing soil health status’.

J. Römbke is chairing the Annual Meeting of the SETAC-Europe Advisory Group DOTTS (Dung Organism Toxicity Testing Standardization).


R. Altenburger, T. Backhaus, A. Coors, M. Faust, D. Frein, T. Frische, A. Kehrer, D. Zitzkat: Assessment of ecotoxicological combination effects of mixtures of pesticides and biocides.

C. Bandow, N. Märker, A. Haddioui, M. Ksibi, R. Pereira, J.P. Sousa, J. Römbke: Effects of contaminated soils from North Africa on enchytraeids and predatory mites in standard laboratory tests. II. The case of a phosphogypsum plant near Sfax (Tunisia).

S. Bouguerra, O. Hentati, C. Marques, J.P. Sousa, I. Veronica, N.C. Gomes, S. Mendo, F. Gonçalves,. M. Ksibi, J. Römbke, A. Haddioui, R. Pereira: The impact of contamination by phophogypsum on the structural and functional diversity of the soil microbial community in a deposition area (Sfax, Tunisia).

A. Coors, J. Römbke, T. Moser, R. Schmelz, E. Topp, D. R. Lapen: Impact of biosolids on soil fauna over a period of several years.

S.K.E. Damme, H.T.Ratte, H. Hollert, K. Rettinger, J. Steber, A. Coors, T. Knacker, C. Schulte, A. Schäffer: Poorly soluble cosmetic compounds – ecotoxicological assessment and substitution” (ECOSM).

O. Hentati, A. Luísa, S. Bouguerra, N. Abrantes, F. Gonçalves, J. Römbke, R. Pereira: Phosphogypsum as a soil fertilizer: evaluation of the impacts on soil habitat and retention functions.

S. Madani, A. Coors, A. Haddioui, M. Ksibi, R. Pereira, J.P Sousa, J. Römbke: Effects of contaminated soil from North Africa on enchytraeids and predatory mites in standard laboratory tests. I. The case of the former iron mine Ait Amar (Morocco).

T. Natal-da-Luz, A. C. Buch, G. Ojeda, J. Römbke, J.P. Sousa: Strategy to evaluate the effect of chemicals and climate changes on ecosystem services provisioning.

J.N. Pinheiro, C.R. Marques, A. Mestiri, S. Mendo, N.C. Gomes, F. Gonçalves, T. Rocha-Santos, A.C. Duarte, J. Rombke, J.P. Sousa, M. Ksibi, M. Haddioui, R. Pereira: Metal effects in Fraxinus angustifolia and its endophytic communities.

E. Richter, A. Wick, T. Ternes, A. Coors: Ecotoxicological characterisation of climbazole, an anti-dandruff agent contained in shampoo.

J. Römbke, W. Blanckenhorn, K. Floate, J.-P. Lumaret, T. Tixier, J. Lahr: Effects of ivermectin application to cattle on dung fauna and dung degradation: an international comparison of field studies.

M. Roß-Nickoll, U. Burkhardt, F. Glante, H. Höfer, F. Horak, S. Jänsch, D. Russell, H. Schmitt, A. Toschki, J. Römbke: Evaluation of soil biodiversity in Germany – Compilation and analysis of soil status with regard to the implementation and advancement of the national strategy on biological diversity.

A. Scheffczyk, K. Floate, J.P. Lumaret, N. Adler, J. Roembke: Sublethal effects of Ivermectin on dung beetles of the genus Onthophagus (O. taurus, O. nuchicornis).

J. Scheider, P. Winter, J. Oehlmann: A novel animal replacement system for the detection of endocrine disruptive capabilities in sexual development.

A. Toschki, U. Hommen, K. Hund Rinke, M. Klein, C. Poßberg, J. Römbke, M. Roß-Nickoll, A. Schäffer, B. Schmidt, M. Hammers-Wirtz: Evaluation of the risk for soil organisms under real conditions.

M. Weil, L. Hübler, T. Meißner, A. Potthoff, A. Springer, M. Gelinsky, K. Duis: Toxicity of the nanocomposite Carbo-Iron to Danio rerio and Hyalella azteca.