ECT at International Colloquium on Soil Zoology

The XVII International Colloquium on Soil Zoology takes place in Nara, Japan on 22-26 August 2016. ECT is contributing with the following presentations:

C. Bandow, P. Lorenz, T. Natal-da-Luz, R. Schmelz, J.P. Sousa, J. Römbke: Effects of a combination of soil moisture levels and an insecticide on invertebrates (Oligochaeta, Arthropoda) and their feeding rate in Terrestrial Model Ecosystems (TME)

ECT at International Symposium on Enchytraeidae

ECT contributes to the 12th International Symposium on Enchytraeidae (ISE 12, Tihany, Hungary, 27-29 June 2016)

J. Römbke et al.: Oligochaetes (Lumbricidae, Enchytraeidae) and litter decomposition at six forest sites in Germany and Portugal, differing in site and climate properties

Review on microplastics in the environment

In the recently published review, information on sources (with a specific focus on personal care products) and fate of microplastic particles in the aquatic and terrestrial environment, and on their uptake and effects, mainly in aquatic organisms, is evaluated.

Microplastics in the environment originate from a variety of sources. First estimates indicate that abrasion and fragmentation of larger plastic items and materials containing synthetic polymers are likely to be most relevant.

Testing and optimisation of ecotoxicological test methods for routine use (ERNTE)

Despite efforts to include ecotoxicological tests as an integral components of the assessment of contaminated land, most decisions regarding soil remediation or natural attenuation monitoring and/or assessment still rely on the results of chemical residue analyses. The German Federal Soil Protection Act (1998) stipulated the protection of natural soil functions, including the function as habitat […]