ECT at the EUROSOIL 2016 congress

ECT contributes to the 5th EUROSOIL Congress (Istanbul, Turkey, 16-21 October 2016) with the following presentations:

J. Römbke, J.-J. Ortega-Calvo, J. Harmsen, J.R. Parsons, K.T. Semple: From bioavailability science to regulation of organic chemicals – the role of biological methods. (Platform presentation)

J. Römbke, E. Fries, E. Giese, S. Jänsch, D. Rückamp, C.F. Stange, J. Utermann, K. Oorts: Implementation of soil bioavailability concepts in the determination of German precautionary values. (Poster)

For further information on EUROSOIL 2016 see the congress website.