ECT participates in an international ring test on organic matter decomposition in soil

Organic matter decomposition is a key soil microbiological function. Intact organic matter decomposition and nutrient cycling indicate that a soil is healthy. In view of these facts, a laboratory-based method has been developed to quantitatively evaluate this process. The ability of soil micro-organisms to decompose filter paper (lignin cellulosic material) as a standard organic material […]

Determination of developmental toxicity of a test chemical to Dipterian dung flies (Scathophaga stercoraria (Scathophagidae), Musca autumnalis (Muscidae))

The aim of the project was to standardise a test guideline with two dung fly species to be used for the environmental risk assessment of veterinary pharmaceuticals, in particular endo- and ectoparasiticides excreted in dung. The test is designed to estimate the developmental toxicity of a test substance to the dung dwelling life stages of […]