ECT remains operative during COVID-19 pandemic

ECT remains to be open and operative during the current COVID-19 pandemic. We take thorough precautions to avoid any health impact and risks for ECT employees, meaning the increase of remote work options and practicing social distancing where remote work is not possible. Access to our facilities is strongly restricted and any business travelling on […]

ECT contributes to the SETAC SciCon

In view of the current situation due to Covid-19, the SETAC Europe 30th annual meeting will take place as a virtual meeting (SETAC SciCon). ECT Oekotoxikologie as SETAC Europe partner is contributing to the scientific programme of the SETAC SciCon: In the ‘Soil ecotoxicology’ session, Jörg Römbke is co-author of a talk presented by Kees […]

ECT at 24th SETAC GLB Annual meeting

The 24th SETAC GLB Annual Meeting (Biodiversity in water and on land – the role of chemical stressors) takes place in Landau (Pfalz), Germany, from 4 to 6 September 2019. ECT is contributing with the following two presentations:

ECT at the SETAC Europe 29th Annual Meeting

ECT at the SETAC Europe 29th Annual Meeting

ECT is contributing to the SETAC Europe 29th Annual Meeting ‘One environment. One health. Sustainable societies’ that takes place in Helsinki, Finland, from May 26th to 30th, 2019. It addition to the presentations and activities indicated below, ECT presents its work at booth number 29.

Logo of the SETAC Europe Meeting, Rome

ECT at the SETAC Europe 28th Annual Meeting

Meet ECT at the SETAC Europe 28th Annual Meeting (‘Responsible and innovative research for environmental quality’) that takes places in Rome, Italy, from May 13th to 17th, 2018. It addition to several platform and poster presentations (see below), ECT is presenting its work and activities at its own booth.