ECT at the SETAC Latin America 12th Biennial Meeting

The 12th Biennial Meeting of SETAC Latin America (‘Bridging the gap between science and governance’) takes place in Santos, São Paulo, Brazil, from 7 to 10 September 2017. ECT is contributing with the following two platform presentations:

J. Römbke, J. Bernard: The TRIAD – a new ISO standard for retrospective risk assessment in soil (ISO 19204)

J. Römbke: Regulatory requirements for veterinary medical products (VMP) in the European Union, especially for the protection of dung and soil organisms

In addition, J. Römbke is co-chairing the session ‘Pharmaceuticals in the environment: single and mixture toxicity of pharmaceuticals’.

For further information on the SETAC Latin America 12th Biennial Meeting see the conference website.