Best chemical risk assessment professionals for maximum ecosystem services benefit (PRORISK)

PRORISK is a European Training Network funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. It creates a platform for training early-stage researchers in the field of advanced environmental risk assessment. Environmental risk assessment procedures are nowadays changing, incorporating for instance mechanistic, ecological, and socio-economic information. Consequently, risk assessments are becoming more comprehensive. They may also comprise an assessment of other modulating effects, such as non-chemical stressors or global change. The early-stage researchers in PRORISK will be trained in the abilities to address major challenges in advanced environmental risk assessments. They will develop mechanistic understanding, and the ability for in-depth analyses of chemical-biological interactions, exposure and the functioning of ecosystems. In addition, they will learn how to tackle increasingly complex data, how to critically evaluate the robustness of risk predictions, and how to assess the socio-economic costs of environmental damage. PRORISK will enable the early-stage researchers to develop the capability to integrate processes across different levels of biological organisation, as well as different mechanistic, ecosystem and socio-economical concepts. ECT is a partner organisation within PRORISK and offers secondments for three early-stage researchers.

For more information, see the PRORISK website.