20th Anniversary Party!

ECT celebrated its 20th anniversary party in  the Senckenberg-Museum, Frankfurt, on 22 November 2013. We thank all our guests for the great time we have had together among the dinosaurs!  

Publication on test strategy for dung beetles during the authorisation process of parasiticides

According to European legislation, an environmental risk assessment of veterinary medicinal products for dung fauna is required for parasiticides used to treat pasture animals. In the past, the demonstration of environmental safety of those parasiticides for dung fauna was hampered by the fact that no standardised tests were available. Therefore, test systems for evaluating effects […]

A farewell to Dr. Thomas Knacker

On October 30, 2011 we lost Dr. Thomas Knacker, managing director of ECT and a much valued and loved colleague, research partner and friend. We deeply regret the loss of an internationally honoured ecotoxicologist. A farewell, in which several colleagues and friends are expressing their sorrow, has been published […]

International Colloquium on Soil Zoology

Talks ICSZ:

Stephan Jänsch, Jörg Römbke, Hubert Höfer, Franz Horak, Martina Roß-Nickoll, David Russell, Andreas Toschki: Earthworms in permanent soil monitoring sites – state of knowledge, database and concept for the improvement of a soil biodiversity assessment within the German National Strategy on Biodiversity