ECT at the 3rd Global Soil Biodiversity Conference

Launched by the Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative, the 3rd Global Soil Biodiversity Conference will take place in Dublin on 13-15 March 2023. At this meeting, recent advances in the field of soil biodiversity will be presented and discussed addressing the urgency of meeting global challenges related to human, animal and plant health and a more sustainable world.

Stephan Jänsch will contribute to the 3rd Global Soil Biodiversity Conference, presenting results of the project MetaSOL:

S. Jänsch, P.H. Krogh, D. Alves, T. Natal da Luz, V. Rojo, A. Scheffczyk, R.M. Schmelz, J.P. Sousa, J. Vierna, A. Vizcaíno, J. Römbke: Determination of soil invertebrate diversity using morphological and DNA-based methods at 25 sites in Germany. Poster session 1, Theme 04 ‘Novel techniques in soil biodiversity research’ (P235)

See the conference website for additional information.