HP 14 classification of mirror entries in the List of Wastes – proposals for further developing the German ‘Recommendations for the ecotoxicological characterization of wastes’

According to Directive 2008/98/EG in connection with Decision 2000/532/EC (European List of Wastes, LoW), waste has to be classified as hazardous or non-hazardous. The LoW contains ‘absolute hazardous entries’ (wastes that are hazardous without further assessment), ‘absolute non-hazardous entries’ (wastes that are non-hazardous without further assessment) and ‘mirror entries’ (wastes that can be classified as […]

Evaluation of a biotest battery for the ecotoxicological characterisation of waste: ring test with 60 laboratories from 15 countries

The ecotoxicological characterization of waste is part of its assessment as hazardous or non-hazardous according to the European List of Wastes (LoW, 2000/532/EC) and its more recent amendments (Directive 2008/98/EG and Regulation 2017/997). For this assessment, 15 hazard properties are evaluated. So far, there is no harmonised guidance for evaluation of the hazard property ‘ecotoxic’ […]

Identification of wastes hazardous to the environment in mirror entries

The ecotoxicological characterisation of waste according to the European List of Wastes is part of the assessment as hazardous or non-hazardous. So far, no methodological details have been fixed concerning evaluation of the hazard criterion HP 14 (formerly H 14, ‘ecotoxic’) using biotests. Using the recommendations of  CEN Guidance 14735, experiences made in an international […]