Contributions of ECT at the SETAC EUROPE 24th annual meeting (Basel, Switzerland, 11 – 15 May 2014)

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Monday, May 12th, 2014:

Coors A., Sacher F., Juffernholz T., Drost W., Gildemeister D., Kühnen U.: Human pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals in wastewater effluents – first steps toward a combined risk assessment
Poster session: Waste and wastewater effluents: chemical and ecotoxicological characterization

Vorberg L., Abbas A., Schneider I., Schulte-Oehlmann U., Knopp G., Cornel P., Ternes T., Coors, A.: Effects of differently treated wastewater effluents observed with selected in vivo test systems
Poster session: Waste and wastewater effluents: chemical and ecotoxicological characterization

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014:

Richter E., Roller E., Coors A.: Phytoxicity of azoles from personal care products and pharmaceuticals in the absence and presence of biosolids
Platform session: Plants and pollutants in the environment (II)

Scheffczyk A., Floate K., Blanckenhorn W., Coghlin P., Düring R.A., Klockner A., Lahr J., Lumaret J.-P., Tixier T., Wohde M., Römbke J.: Nontarget effects of ivermectin residues on soil organisms at 4 grassland sites (France, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Canada)
Poster Session: Ecological consequences of exposure to pharmaceuticals: From the laboratory to the field

Weil M., Meißner T., Springer A., Duis K.: Increased sensitivity of second generation Hyalella azteca to the nanocomposite Carbo-Iron
Poster session: Usage, fate and risk of carbon based nanomaterials

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014:

Römbke J., Aira M., Backeljau T., Breugelmans K., Domínguez J., Funke E., Graf N., Hajibabaei M., Perez-Losada M., Pfenninger M., Porto P.G. Vierna J., Vizcaíno A.: Genetic methods to characterize test species in ecotoxicology: the EBI Initiative
Poster session: Soil biodiversity and ecotoxicology

Coors A., Römbke J., Schmelz R.M., Waszak K., Lorenz P., Edwards, M., Wilkes, G., Topp, E., Lapen, D.R.: Impact of biosolids on structural endpoints of soil fauna
Platform session: Soil biodiversity and ecotoxicology

Junker T., Heusner E., Gilberg D., Ferreira P., Gräf W., Römbke J., Herrchen M., Hennecke D., Atorf C., Berkner S., Konradi S., Böhling S.: Transformation of veterinary pharmaceuticals and biocides in (liquid) manure – international validation ring test
Platform session: Environmental biodegradation rates and pathways: dependence on environmental conditions

Junker T., Heusner E., Gilberg D., Ferreira P., Römbke J., Gräf W., Hennecke D., Fenner K.: Transformation biodegradation of selected compounds in different water-sediment systems – water-sediment screening tool (WSST) vs. simulation studies
Poster session: Biodegradation and environmental fate of chemicals – regulatory acceptance of non-standard tests

Bauer J., Jänsch S., Otto M., Römbke J., Teichmann H.: Development and standardization of an ecotoxicological test method for the risk assessment of GMP
Poster session: Soil biodiversity and ecotoxicology

Thursday May 15th, 2014:

Duis K., Scheider J., Warnecke D., van der Veen A., Coors A., Schäfers C.: Uncertainties in the assessment of environmental effects of chemicals with endocrine activity – a literature study
Poster session: Endocrine disruptors: exposure, hazard & risk assessment

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