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Development and standardisation of an ecotoxicological test method using fungus gnat larvae for the risk assessment of genetically modified plants

Prior to releasing genetically modified plants (GMPs) into the environment and placing them on the market in the European Union, an environmental risk assessment has to be performed according to Directive 2001/18/EC. Based on the results of a previous project conducted from 2012 to 2016 (for more information, see the project description and the publication […]

Further development of simple test systems for the evaluation of potential PBT substances: How to bridge the gap between screening tests and complex studies?

The first aim of the project was to assess whether the existing OECD test guidelines for ready biodegradability of chemicals (OECD test guidelines 301 A–D and 310) can be harmonized. The gained insights were discussed at an international expert workshop in April 2019. Laboratory experiments were performed for five test substances to verify the impact […]

Evaluation of biodiversity via DNA-extraction from soil and organism samples taken at permanent soil monitoring sites (MetaSOL)

The collection and assessment of the diversity of soil invertebrates has made significant progress in recent years, for example at the European level in the framework of the EU project ‘EcoFinders’. Above all, the great influence of soil organisms on providing the ecological functions of the soil has been emphasized (for example, the maintenance of […]

CNT-based nanoporous membranes for treatment of wastewater and process waters

CNT-based nanoporous membranes with high flux for energy-efficient treatment of wastewater and process waters from natural gas and crude oil processing industries

Carbon nanotubes (CNT) represent an important group in the class of carbon-based nanomaterials. Their physical characteristics make them highly suitable for use in filtration methods, and lab-scaled applications have been very promising. However, large-scale CNT-based nanoporous membranes for application in industrial processes are not yet available. The objective of the present project is the development […]