Project report published on ‘Development of a test protocol to study the transformation of veterinary pharmaceuticals and biocides in liquid manure’

For veterinary medicinal products manure application onto agriculturally used soils is their main path of entry into the environment. Consequently, this path is considered as part of the environment risk assessment. Biocides, which are used for stable disinfection, might also enter the environment via liquid manure. So far, only regulatory guidance (EMA/CVMP/ERA/ 430327/2009) addresses this issue, while experimental guidance is still missing. The aim of the present project was to develop a method to determine the transformation of substances in liquid manure. In a first step, the heterogeneity of manure of different type and origin was investigated. Furthermore, a procedure was tested for taking samples homogeneously from a manure storage tank. Thirty manures were sampled and characterized. Six manures were selected for transformation studies with two veterinary medicinal products (salicylic acid and paracetamol) and a biocide. The experimental methodology developed in the project was used in a first inter-laboratory comparison (ring test) with 5 laboratories. Based on the results the developed test protocol was adapted.

For further information see the project report.