New publications: Effects of ivermectin on the diversity and function of dung and soil fauna

The application of veterinary medical products to livestock can affect soil organisms in manure-amended fields and, especially, organisms colonising the dung of treated animals, thereby potentially delaying the degradation of dung on pastures. For this reason, the authorisation process for veterinary medical products in the European Union includes a requirement for higher-tier tests when adverse effects on dung organisms are observed in lower tier toxicity tests. An international research project was performed to develop and validate a proposed field test method under different conditions regarding climate, soil and coprophilous fauna at Lethbridge (Canada), Montpellier (France), Zurich (Switzerland), and Wageningen (The Netherlands). The specific objectives were to determine if faecal residues of an anthelmintic with known insecticidal activity (ivermectin) showed similar effects across sites on insects breeding in dung of treated animals, coprophilous organisms in the soil beneath the dung, and rates of dung degradation.

The project results have now been published as a special section (‘Non-target structural and functional effects of ivermectin residues in cattle dung on pasture – guidance for researchers and regulators‘) in Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry:

Adler, N., Bachmann, J., Blanckenhorn, J., Floate, K.F., Jensen, J., Römbke, J. (2016). Effects of ivermectin application on the diversity and function of dung and soil fauna: regulatory and scientific background information. Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry 35, 1914-1923. [read more]

Wohde, M., Blanckenhorn, W.U., Floate, K., Lahr, J., Lumaret, J-P., Römbke, J., Scheffczyk, A., Tixier, T., Düring, R-A. (2016). Analysis and dissipation of the antiparasitic agent ivermectin in cattle dung under different field conditions. Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry 1924-1933. [read more]

Floate, K.D., Dühring, R-A., Hanafi, J., Jud, P., Lahr, J., Lumaret, J-P., Scheffczyk, A., Tixier, T., Wohde, M., Römbke, J., Sautot, L., Blanckenhorn, W.U. (2016). Validation of a standard field test method in four countries to assess the toxicity of residues in dung of cattle treated with veterinary medical products. Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry 35, 1934-1946. [read more]

Tixier, T., Blanckenhorn, W.U., Lahr, J., Floate, K., Scheffczyk, A., Düring, R.A., Wohde, M., Römbke, J., Lumaret, J.P. (2016). A four-country ring test of non-target effects of ivermectin residues on the function of coprophilous communities of arthropods in breaking down livestock dung. Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry 1953-1958. [read more]

Scheffczyk, A., Floate, K., Blanckenhorn, W., Dühring, R.-A., Klockner, A., Lahr, J., Lumaret, J-B., Salamon, J.-A., Tixier, T., Wohde, M., Römbke, J. (2016). Non-target effects of ivermectin residues on earthworms and springtails dwelling beneath dung of treated cattle: examination in a ringtest in four countries. Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry 1959-1969. [read more]

Further information on the special section ‘Non-target structural and functional effects of ivermectin residues in cattle dung on pasture – guidance for researchers and regulators’ can be found here. For further new publications see ECT’s publication list.