ECT at the SETAC Europe 25th Annual Meeting

ECT contributes with the following presentations to the SETAC Europe 25th Annual Meeting, which takes place in Barcelona (Spain), from May 3rd to 7th, 2015:

A. Boxall, R. Länge, A. Coors, J. Snape, F. Sanz: iPiE – Intelligence-led assessment of pharmaceuticals in the environment.

A. Coors, F. Sacher, P. Schwartz, C. Polleichtner, U. Kühnen, W. Drost, D. Gildemeister: Azoles from different regulatory frameworks: combined assessment with regard to wastewater effluents.

B. Förster, A. Coors, R.-A. Düring, M. Ebke, N. Graf, A. Kulenko, A. Scheffczyk, M. Wohde, J. Römbke: New approach to assess the effects of veterinary medical products (VMPs) on dung- and soil organisms under field conditions: experiences with sheep dung.

T. Junker, A. Coors: Screening test systems for the determination of biodegradation kinetics in water, water-sediment and soil – development and applicability in the regulatory context.

A. Kehrer, A. Coors, F. Sacher, B. Schwarz-Schulz: Mixture toxicity assessment of biocides – from theory to practice: state of play and analyses for 30 products.

C. Niva, J.C. Niemeyer, F. Rodrigues da Silva Júnior, M.E. Nunes, J. Römbke: Soil ecotoxicology in Brazil: where we are, where to go.

J. Römbke: The ‘biological’ component of bioavailability: the usage of ecotoxicological tests.

F. Stibany, K. Rettinger, J. Steber, A. Coors, C. Schulte, H. Hollert, A. Schaeffer: Analysis and ecotoxicological investigations on poorly soluble cosmetic compounds – project ECOSM.

ECT is also presenting its work and activities at its own booth.