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Development of an ecotoxicological assessment concept for contaminants based on their bioavailability in soils with different filter und buffer properties

Development of an ecotoxicological assessment concept for contaminants based on their bioavailability in soils

The German Soil Protection Ordinance defines precautionary values for seven metals/metalloids which, if exceeded, indicate that concern for a harmful soil change exists. All precautionary values given in the German Soil Protection Ordinance are based on total concentrations (aqua regia extraction). However, total metal/metalloid concentrations do not represent the actual exposure of soil organisms to […]

Development and standardisation of an ecotoxicological test method for the environmental risk assessment of genetically modified plants

Prior to releasing a genetically modified plant (GMP) into the environment and placing it on the market in the European Union (EU), an environmental risk assessment (ERA) according to EU Directive 2001/18/EC has to be performed. Current testing of the effects of GMPs on non-target organisms is mainly based on ecotoxicological test methods that were […]

GBIF Information System Soil Zoology. Coordination of national and international assessment for the organism groups Lumbricidae and Enchytraeidae (Edaphobase II)

In this joint research project, ECT is responsible for the improvement of existing and the development of new methodological standards regarding collection, storage and usage of data in the German central data base on soil biology, Edaphobase. Besides taxonomy and biogeography the functional role of soil organisms (e.g. via gathering traits of at least the […]

Improved strategy to assess chemical persistence at the water-sediment interface

The environmental fate of a compound is determined by transformation and distribution processes, which are strongly dependent on the specific environmental conditions. Biodegradability of chemicals in different environmental compartments is one of the major determinants of their environmental fate and therefore plays a crucial role in regulatory decision-making. Simulation studies according to OECD 308 (aquatic […]

Transformation of veterinary pharmaceuticals and biocides in liquid manure

Veterinary medicinal products administered to animals are excreted with urine and faeces. For animals housed in stables, the resulting manure is collected and stored before being spread onto agricultural land. Disinfection products used to sanitize stables are also transferred into the manure. Therefore, the spreading of manure is an important pathway of introducing veterinary medicines, […]